Thursday, 12 — Saturday, 14 September 2024


Tuesday 12 September

Having ‘Those Conversations’

One of the challenges of being a leader is deciding what your standards are. What does good or great performance and/or behaviour actually look like day-to-day in your team? Before we can hold our team members accountable for their performance, we need to be able to clearly articulate our standards. Sounds easy in theory but in practice not so much!. Linda will highlight the hiccups, hassles and horrors… and then examine tactics to do this more effectively.

Then of course, if a team member’s performance and/or behaviour does drop below the line… it’s time for one of those conversations. You know the ones…. the ones most of us would prefer to delay or avoid entirely! (“…that’s the third Friday they have rung in sick”, “oh no another complaint about how rude and difficult they are to work with”, grrrrr late again…”) In this session Linda will cover practical how-to strategies for having those conversations early and more easily.

You will leave this fast moving, highly interactive masterclass with the confidence and tools to start having these conversations come Monday!

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Linda Hutchings

An avid reader of non-fiction, a self-confessed shoe fanatic and lover of all things goat, Linda is also one of New Zealand’s most respected adult educators. She has run a very successful training business for over 25 years working within the Health, Education and Local Government sectors throughout New Zealand. Over this time she has gained a reputation as the ‘trainer’s trainer’, and has been equally in demand as a speaker and mentor.

In addition to running her own practice, she has been involved in Thought Leaders Business School in Australia, firstly as a student from 2014, then as an Accredited Mentor on Faculty since 2016. In 2020 she spent a year as Head of Faculty and in this role she provided professional leadership for faculty colleagues, while still supporting aspiring leaders through individual mentoring, practice review and feedback.